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Interview with Lars Kohl aka BOHO

Interview, Jannowitz

Hello Lars, you are the founder of Jannowitz Records and Boho, when did you start...

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How to share your soundcloud tracks to other plattforms

Soundcloud is quite easy....

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Festival Checklist: No evil surprises

Checklist, Festival

The festival season has begun. Who has ever experienced a festival without...

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The best people on Boiler Room

Boiler Room

Did you ever whatcha “Boiler Room” and see a guy or a girl who...

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Interview with Kaiser Souzai


What is your personal favorite track that you have produced? My EP: Kaiser Souzai...

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International Club / Festival Suggestions by Kaiser Souzai

Club Suggestion by DJ's, Clubs, Festival

Cacao Beach Open and spacious, CACAO BEACH CLUB has the...

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Interview with Marcus Meya


On which DJ equipment do you swear? I’ve been playing my sets exclusively with vinyl for...

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Berlin Club Suggestion by Marcus Meya

Club Suggestion by DJ's, Clubs

Suicide Circus Suicide Circus is a small institution in Berlin. The club or...

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8 easy tips to increase your Soundcloud followers


Introduction and Calculation Soundcloud, like other social media...

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What is important with a promo set?


Here are some suggestions for you. You will have more success. 1. Name the...

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