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Cheap professional mastering for only 25 Euro

Mastering and mixing is always a big cost in labels. It is often assumed that the price is the same as quality. However, this is not always the case, because it doesn’t matter in which country the audio engineer lives. Often the prices are high, because the volume is too small. The company Doncler tested has a small price, because they do a lot of masterings per day.

The lecturers of the company are among others:

  • Suara
  • Drumcode
  • el row
  • kitball
  • set about
  • stil vor talent
  • octopus
  • noir
  • filth on acid
  • ritter butzke studio
  • katermukke
  • einmusika


For the mixing the prices are variable on the basis of the number of Stems.

60€ – Up to 12 Stems.

70€ – Up to 20 Stems.

80€ – Up to 30 Stems.

90€ – Up to 40 Stems.

100€ – Unlimited Stems.

avatars-000677933627-ubotdv-t500x500-300x300 - Cheap professional mastering for only 25 EuroI tried a lot of mastering services in the past. By checking releases of my favorite Artists on Soundcloud found I a link to a mastering service. I gave a try. Since I got my first master I never tried any other services again. If you ask me, the service and the prices of them are incomparable.

– Doncler, DJ / Producer

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