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This product can only be purchased by labels or event labels.

If you purchase this product and you can not provide the quality or you aren’t a professional label, you will get reposts for the same amount of money.

Your label gets one month (per buying) access to stream via crossposting over our Techno account! (If you buy it twice you get access for 2 months)

Rules for Crossposting:

  • maximum of 2 posts per week
  • maximum of 6 posts per month
  • quality posts (Full HD for videos and 720p for streaming)
  • maximum 2 Live Streams per month
  • if a rule is broken, the video or live stream will be deleted. a warning will be issued. 2 violations have the consequence that the crossposting will be removed
  • one DJ set (which must be live-streamed) can be (if it’s fits our requirements) upload to our Techno Channel on Soundcloud (more than 60’000 followers)