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Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival


Zurück zu den Wurzeln ( en. back to the roots) is a very special festival near Berlin. There exist about 8 dance floors and 8 different music genres.

Attention here, it’s not a typical techno festival.

The “Zurück zu den Wurzeln” Festival will also be hosted at the Secret Forest in Niedergörsdorf in 2018. In addition to many green areas, forests and a far-reaching landscape, the aircraft hangars and shelters of the former military site can also be used as festival grounds here.

Niedergörsdorf is located about 70 kilometers south of Berlin and is also with
easy to reach by public transport.

Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival 2018

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Now to the different floors.


On the Wurzelfloor, there is Progressive / Psytrance / FullOn / Zenon. 

Here you can listen to PraNava, he played there on Saturday this year.


Secret Forest 

The secret forest is also a psy floor. The genres here are Darkpsy / Hitech.


This is the Techno floor of the festival.





In the Märchenwald (Fairytale Forest) there is the genre Techhouse / Deephouse.



70er Jahre Discotrash


Raggae / Drum & Bass

Chill im Hain

Ambient / Downbeat / Chill


Bands, Kino & Poetry Slam


All images are from the Facebook page of “Zurück zu den Wurzeln”. If there is any problem, please contact us.

For more information visit their website.