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1260x1260-1484904637-supermarket-diynamic-10years-19-300x169 - Supermarket

Since September 1998, there is a club on the Geroldstrasse in Zurich, which not only accompanies the destinies of the nightlife on the Limmat but has a lasting influence and still shapes it today: The supermarket is one of the main axes around which the clubbing in Zurich revolves. When the location first opened its doors in the late ’90s, Boomtown Zurich West was still largely wasteland; apart from a few abandoned factories and the first harbingers of some construction projects, there was nothing there – not to mention a vibrant nightlife. Meanwhile, Zurich West is one of the most exciting mini-universes of electronic music in Europe. This is not least the merit of the supermarket; With underground parties, the club has set a standard that has been adopted by many other venues. But that’s not all: the pioneering decision to cooperate practically exclusively with third-party organizers has meanwhile become established throughout the city, indeed throughout the country. Thanks to the close collaboration with the various party labels, innumerable new ideas have been created for the guest benefit. Despite the immense importance that the supermarket (which used to be a car garage) has for Swiss nightlife, it still remains “the old one”! And this mix of charming Zurich underground and internationally well-stocked lineups makes the supermarket so unique and indispensable.