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arkham-venue-2-300x173 - Arkham

In the last five years, Shanghai has enjoyed much of the limelight being emitted on China. A lid has started lift on the largest city on the mainland and the world is starting to see what’s lying beneath.

Arkham is the first club in China that’s consistently booking and promoting high quality underground live music and DJ parties since the opening on March 1st, 2013. The focus is on the quality of the experience, the music and the community embracing this. It started with 300-people party, now it’s staging 1000+ attendee trending events. Arkham is now in the top 10 underground clubs in Asia. A landmark of Asia’s iconic underground scene.

As we step into 2017, Arkham will bring Shanghai’s underground party scene to a new level. It’s a platform for linking music with culture and art. It’s more than nightlife. It’s a phenomenon.

Laying 10m beneath the ground in the sunken plaza, 168 Julu Road near Huaihai Road, Arkham has added a new flavor to Shanghai’s weekend palette. The main dance floor is the center point of a labyrinth of rooms and tunnels that wrap around it. A second bar is located directly beside the dance floor which hosts its own lounge area and a second bar upstairs (also with its own lounge and DJ booth) makes it a total of four bars to access in the club. Beyond this, there are VIP sections and table seating towards the back of the main area for those wanting to bring it up. 

All roads in the underground seem to have wound up to this. A one-stop club in the French Concession ready to host the world’s top alternative musicians of all styles and backgrounds with quality lights and sound system. A place where people that enjoy music for music’s sake can gather and watch this city’s underground fulfill the potential it’s always had.