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Klub K4


Klub_K4_in_Ljubljana-300x200 - Klub K4

The club K4 offers a program of all modern music genres such. Minimal, House, Techno, Drum’n’Bass, Breakbeat, Funk, Nu Rave, Electro, Hip Hop, sometimes Rock. The program orientation of the club is designed to transcend the boundaries of the conventional, of genres and of the ordinary, and to introduce musical genres and novelties before they become mainstream.

Klub K4 is one of the few facilities in Ljubljana that offers a high-quality program during the week. This year celebrates its 20th anniversary and is, therefore, older than some of the world’s most famous clubs such. B. Tresor in Berlin and Ministry of Sound in London.

In addition to Slovenian DJs, there are also world-class stars (including DJ Krush, Ellen Alien, Kenny Larkin, Krafty Cuts, Greg Wilson, Princess Superstar, Kevin Saunderson, DJ Food, Octave One, and others), new talents and underground music innovators from all over the world on.