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baum-300x200 - Octava

“The idea with Octava was that people felt in a bunker with very good acoustics and with the style of the stealth plane”, this is how the architecture of the site looks like one of these planes, known as invisible, because it is difficult to The walls of the site are 50 centimeters thick and covered by 4,200 pyramid-shaped foams The bars also have triangular points. “What happens to the sound when it crashes with a wall is that it bounces, while if it collides with the tip of a triangle it is divided, it was with this theoretical base that we worked to obtain a very good acoustic “Architect Cortina, interview for El Tiempo
With two floors of dance and a furnished terrace, this place will welcome the fans of the rumba. – Periodico El Tiempo
Everything connects. It is the perfect place to appreciate electronic music. Octava in one word: harmony. –