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China Club Suggestions by BB Deng

Lantern club (Beijing)

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Better residents and more international artists, with two rooms of tunes. The key difference is this: the owners see music as more than simply a means to keep people shelling out for overpriced cocktails. Lantern bumps techno most nights but has been adding more flavors all the time.

The crowd is infinitely less obnoxious than neighboring clubs but thinner – and we don’t mean in the waistline. You’ve certainly got room to move. On quiet nights, probably too much. Lantern is underground perfection – when they’re throwing an event.

Round2 (Tianjin)

23845739_1596859737063904_451475637077684837_o-300x200 - China Club Suggestions by BB Deng

The round 2 night club is determined from the early days of the concept of excellence, attitude and management beliefs. The architectural environment strives to create a synchronous global genuine electronic music space, and invited famous Chinese architectural designer Roy Zhuang to create the most pure and underground construction environment; While absorbing the essence of the famous European night field design, the symbolic language and light atmosphere of the exaggerated lines are used to create the somatosensory characteristics, and to find the resonance between the environment and the original level of mood.

Elevator (Shanghai)

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On the fourth floor of a narrow building with a special elevator in Shanghai’s Former French Concession dances Elevator.

An intimate, low-ceiling space with a wooden dancefloor and a MODE Audio sound system, Elevator is a home base for electronic music for ears, minds and feet. The focus is on house and techno, but you’ll also find nights with disco, hip-hop, funk/soul and bass music.

Taiga (Chengdu)

14876561_1777346972520331_4931491722291589871_o-1024x683-300x200 - China Club Suggestions by BB Deng

Taiga Club is tucked away in the Plaza’s top corner. Having never achieved the same level of popularity as the club’s original tenants Xiong Mao (Panda Club) over a decade ago, Taiga has just undertaken extensive renovations, sweeping away discarded mannequins and cobweb-covered tree installations.

TAG (Chengdu)

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Echo Bay (Chongqing)

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Chongqing’s club for underground electronic music.

The Window (Guangdong)

THE WINDOW club is decorated in an industrial loft style with multiple floor-to-ceiling windows. There are two floors. The first floor is a restaurant, which opens during the day and the second floor is a club,which open at night.

With the electronic sound of Techno, THE WINDOW uses lighting to create a relaxing and intoxicating utopian visual atmosphere that is a gathering place for music and trendsetters. Techno’s rhythm is simple and abstract, and it allows you to forget the everyday hypocritical appearance and enter a very pure world of pleasure. Here, look for the real self, follow the music to swing the body, and enjoy it

Oil club (Shenzhen)

ch-oil2-300x225 - China Club Suggestions by BB Deng

OIL is a Underground Club in Shenzhen. It is committed to inject fresh vitality into the underground music scene of South China, presenting the best pioneer electronic music scene. OIL has the leading voice system and lighting effect in Chinese underground clubs.

Mono House (Nanjing)

Monohouse is a house and techno club in Nanjing.