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Vibez Openair is giving away tons of tickets

This morning, I received an email from my boss that we have 5 Vibez tickets from the company. However, the company has nothing remotely to do with the Openair. Why should they give us cards? The only thing that connects our company and the Vibez is the short distance. Our company was not unique. It looks like the Vibez Openair has only sold a fraction of its cards.

SMS win

In today’s edition of the 20 minutes is also reported on a dubious ticket raffle. The winner rate seems to be so high that each participant won. It is suggested that this measure, after the extreme price reduction of 50% and the ticket-giving actions, the next is to get rid of the unsold tickets.

Kollegah and Farid Bang: staged fan meeting to get rid of tickets?

After a fan meeting of the two headliner acts Farid Bang and Kollegah has been announced by the organizers, only a horde of disappointed fans found themselves at the agreed meeting place again. At least there were festival passes for free for those present. Even Kollegah’s label “Alpha Music”, probably out of fear of damage to its image, commented on the campaign that was falsely announced as a fan-meeting: “This promotion is about free tickets. We assume that the festival knows what it is doing. »

Aggressive marketing

The aggressive marketing campaign, which the organizers drove, quickly gave the feeling that the 50,000 tickets had not all been sold yet. On many billboards, therefore, the advertising of Vibez, an Influencer campaign with Kiko was raised and on Instagram, you could barely escape the switched spots. In addition, large-scale raffles were made: 20 minutes,, Energy, Blick and several other media and influencers have set out to bring festival passes to the people. Whether these actions have paid off, will show.

We are curious if the festival will be a flop or a top this weekend.

By the way get your free ticket here :