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Club Rosis has to close

The Rosi’s club in Friedrichsheim Berlin has to close at the end of the year 2018. An office building is to be built at the location.

rosis_berlin-300x200 - Club Rosis has to close

In an interview with the Berliner Morgenpost Sven Averdiek, managing director of Rosi, expires the lease of the club at the end of 2018. The rental contract will not be renewed. With Rosi’s 15 years of Berlin club history die. “At that time there were not many alternatives in Friedrichshain”, says the managing director. “So we should do something in our neighborhood.” The idea: Build a club the way you like it.

The Rosi was from house and techno to indie, reggae, and dancehall. Today the Revalverstrasse is a party mile.

But why would someone open an office building and such a place?

The quarters around the Revalverstrasse became more popular and better apartments were built. The rents are more expensive. There are now not only industrial buildings, but also wonderful residential buildings with high prices. The student district of the past has become an expensive family neighborhood.

Rosi’s is a victim of gentrification in Berlin.

Even the Johnny Knüppel club in Kreuzberg is a victim of the gentrification in Berlin.

The last Rosi’s Party will take place on the 31st of December.

Good Bye Rosi’s! 

And f*ck you gentrification!