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Interview with Grace Thompson (Urst Agency / Set of the Day)

In which clubs / open airs do you prefer to play?


Aseven (Berlin) – due to the outstanding features of the lighting technology, every time a super interaction of light show and music

Kit Kat Club (Berlin) at the Symbiottika party – the mood is really “cooking up” every time There to hang up and interact with the audience during the gig is just great fun.

Open Airs

Belvedere Open Air (Neubrandenburg) – I have played there for the second time this year and I am always thrilled to the new. The scenery is outstanding. The Dj Pult stands in a monument on a mountain and behind it you can see the water. You can then enjoy this view with hundreds of people celebrating there with you.


Sommer-Liebe-Badelatschen Open Air (Nauen) – The presentation of the open air is detailed and playful. In addition, everything was built up in painstaking manual work.

You play at KitKat every month, and you are resident at the Symbiotikka parties. How does it feel to play such a special party?

What I love about this club is the noticeable tolerance among each other and the peaceful celebration. The audience there celebrates exuberantly and above all happy. The cheers of the people euphoric one as Dj very much☺


In which club/festival would your dream come up?


Egg Club London

City Hall Barcelona



What do you use for headphones?

Pioneer HDJ-C70

What do you use for a recording device?

Tascam DR-40

What can you advise a newcomer to have success in Berlin?

!! No Pain, No Gain !!

First, you must have found your own style of music. A recognition value is important.

You should be familiar with the club technique before you start your first gig.

Give people a reason to book (regular internet presence, qualitative sets or tracks). Nowadays, good self-promotion is important for personal progress.

Apply to the right clubs for your own music.

And above all, have fun with what you do !!

We booked you on Bern in April. How did you feel about the mood of the Swiss techno scene?

An exuberant celebration community, which is also very warm. I had a lot of fun with the audience during my gig. Feel-good factor 10 😛