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International Club Suggestions by Lars Kohl aka BOHO

1. Sisyphos (Germany, Berlin)


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My absolute favorite on earth … he is so versatile and there is always something new to discover. Many of my friends are recording there regularly and that’s why I’ve often been a Private Support Dancer. You can just have so much fun there, as it is undisturbed and without annoying photos, etc. Unfortunately, I have not yet hung up there, which will hopefully change soon.

2. Mumbai Playboy Club (India, Mumbai)

It is probably the chicest store in which I celebrated privately as well as DJ, all trimmed on high heels and glamorous. The venue was really big and behind me, the highlight was a 10 meter high + wide LED wall.

The light installation and style of the store was great.

3. Goa  Waters beach grill  (India, GOA)

Goa Waters Beach

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Boho @ Goa Waters Beach

It’s just such a great venue and the people in Goa are just crazy. There it is fun to play as well as to celebrate as a guest ..

4. Kater Blau (Germany, Berlin)

Believing who was there knows that glitter and techno belong together. The club is as extraordinary as its audience. That makes me personally always a lot of fun to meet very international people there and the booking in the hangover is also sexy, there I have already danced a lot on sets, of acts where I had never heard the name before. The good is there, the audience usually understands the sound and has a lot of experience with good music.

5 Drop (India, Mumbai)

Whhoooo my best friend and steady support “Animesh” aka Diatonik made this gig possible for me and it was my very first experience in India. I will not forget this gig too soon. We arrived about 40 minutes before my playtime. I was bottled by the crew and was about to leave .. lightly next to me and was just overwhelmed what went off and drunk. But just this mixture made the whole thing a funny experience. My sound has many influences from Brazil from my friends like Alex Stein, Kalil, and Victor Ruiz .. they all loved it and were so on fire, that while I was playing, the cops were at the door and actually wanted to close the club (in India, most parties do not go as long as 2-4H is often over) But the boss made sure the cops went back .. and we could enjoy the night for an hour longer.