Set of the Day

Podcast Platform & Label

What is important with a promo set?

Here are some suggestions for you. You will have more success.

1. Name the file correctly

As a label/podcast series, you often download the file and listen to it.
Why this?
Soundcloud releases the original file with the download button. This always has the better quality.
And yes, original file. So you see all metadata. Here we are at point 2.

2. See what is in the metadata

The metadata can be seen as a label too. Better not brand your demo for a label. Good name example:
DJ XYZ – Promo Mix – Mai 2018

3. Do not send spam

Yes, you can detect spam fairly quickly, which is why we have set up an application form. It’s really annoying to get messages only with a SoundCloud URL.

4. Take your time

It’s much nicer to listen to a set knowing that the DJ has taken the time to write decent text.
Listening to promo sets is a lot of work, nice if this is appreciated.

5. Find out about the label

It’s certainly not appropriate if you send a Vocal Deep House podcast to a techno label.

6. How to send it

Each label has its own process, stick to it.

7. Accept the decision

It is often annoying to hear statements like, “You have no idea, my friends all love it”. It does not mean in a cancellation,
that it is not good enough. Often we are just full and do not want to generate a queue. Sometimes we also get up to 30 promo sets a week.
How do we want to upload everything? A refusal often simply means that the competition is better.


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