schNee - something that disappears when touched it's like snow, isn't it

....hello, so the last months or since the begin of this year i was really struggling with music. nothing could reach my inner.. so i decided to take a break, i was listening to everything but no electronic music. some weeks ago it slowly started to get my interest back but not in a way that i could actually work with again..
NOW it finally happened. it's back, in me, the MUSIC, that FEELING!!
ohhhh damn I MISSED U SO MUCH! <3

...something that disappears when touched It's just like snow, isn't it

“It’s okay if you forget about me. A body that’s maintained by magic is very weak. If it touches a real human, the spell will break and the body will disappear. It’s a fragile thing.”

recorded at 7th of October 2018

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