Set Of The Day Podcast - 362 - J.Phono

Munich based DJ J.Phono developed his love for House Music as a teenager.
With enthusiasm he started djing on Vinyl with funky/jackin' House Music and thereby being one of the co-founders of the "Schlachthouse" and "Suburban Sessions" partys in munichs suburbs in 2008.
Today, he mostly plays House, Deep House and from time to time some minimalistic influenced or techy music.
He played at many events together with his friends from Funk Ya Mind ("Sofa Sounds",
"Funk Ya Mind Night", "Pushin' Beats", "LebenLiebenLachen OpenAir"),
Kandis Klub ("Starkstrom Festival")
In his sets he tries to stay true to the
“two turntables and mixer” philosophy as much as possible...