Set of the Day Podcast - 300 - BOHO

I am Boho – the new artist duo was born by Jannowitz rec. label heads Lars Kohl and Matthias Seibert, who have been truly stompin the project out of nowhere.
Focus in the project is to get the electronic music lovers united into a magical, dynamic trip from House to Techno with no musical boundaries and without being focused like everybody else in the industry by headlining sets in only one music genre.
With over 10 years of experience and nearly playing daily upto 10 hours at his long term residency in Ibiza, Matthias Seibert is well known for using acappellas in his unique way and putting his magic into a more melodic selection of tracks nowadays, without loosing soul in his sets.
Both found each other through their label work at "Jannowitz rec.", where Matthias became a part of the Labelfamily and fitted perfectly into the Vision of Jannowitz´s label boss Lars Kohl. They both started working together and joined forces on the same vision.
Boho is probably distinguished by their entertainer qualities, which is paired with their attractive groove, combined with perfectly selected tracks, from both artists. The speciality of this combination and a mixture of a common foundation, but also a wide range of the respective tastes.

Boho is much more than just a duo – both artists are preparing separately and each track represents a surprise moment for both of them.
However, both are friends for life, and produce together so they can always accept the ball in these moments and turn it into an even more ecstatic situation. Ultimately, this is the magic that makes the new project boho.
The man with Hat & dressed in black:
Lars, loud, crazy but visionary. He sets the trend factor by his constant view of new talents and sounds. The jaw label sound will always be part of his selection, as it reflects the progressive, minimal but techno-iden character of Lars and his imprint. The man who makes the sun shine:
Matthias, smart, sovereign and an still an advocate of the old school.
With playing vinyl for over a decade, he celebrates his great understanding of music in the sets, in which he mixes oldschool tracks and current trends behind the CDJs.

The symbiosis of the two results in boho.
Two partners in crime, looking for
The perfect track & an adventure