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Set of the Day Live


Set of the Day Live is our newest project. Set of the Day Live are not live sets, but sets played in front of an audience. Also called recordings. In contrast to podcasts, a festival or club recording cannot be recorded 2 or 3 times. Such sets contain mistakes from time to time, but this is also not bad!

Listen your club or festival recording on Set of the Day Live.

Unlike Set of the Day, Set of the Day Live only requests artists.


Information for the artists

For a live set we need a picture with good resolution and best of all an mp3 with 320kbits.

It is also important that it is an exclusive release. So the set must not be uploaded anywhere else.

The recording must last at least 60 minutes and needs an official location (club/festival).

Please note that the set should be sent via or Dropbox. In no case weTransfer, because they expire!