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crystal clear high percentage, musically gilded

The “SASS Music Club”, captivating with its simple and timeless design, has grown after a two-month renovation and is now in bloom. We have changed very little because we like what we still have after eight years.

The local ceiling continues to consist of a crystal chandelier with 18,000 crystals and 100 lights, which are individually controlled via a light mixer, the walls of the club are still gilded and the well-tried oak parquet floor was not replaced.

In the course of our club renovation odyssey, we really went back to the basics of the restaurant and decided to do a lot more ourselves! If we are already working behind the bar, sitting at the cash desk, writing texts and dancing drunk through our own restaurant, then we also program the weekend events in our favor.
Because that’s exactly what we mean by bar and club culture:

An imaginative, individualized offer in terms of gastronomy and music in high quality in an intimate atmosphere.

This understanding is reflected in a large selection of Beers, Gins, Vodkas, Whiskeys and much more, as well as in serving the same products in glasses. Contrary to the trend, we have never sold only a beer and or liquor brand to pretend with a promoted exclusivity, from which then, without love for bar culture, the drinks should be presented only in plastic cups to the guest.

No! We sell much more what we like to eat ourselves and most of all in large and small glasses.

We are always looking for both young and natural, as well as stylish and notorious products and also in varied and exciting events, for a young as well as old-established audience reflects. You will find no VIP areas, neither jar deposit, nor spray plugs. We want to convince through our products and events, but not work with cheap effects.

Musically, we enjoy with fervor together with our DJs, a selection of the best that Vienna’s electronic music scene has to offer, always at our music system, along with related equipment, and try at all times to hold the highest musical possible standard, that for us can be implemented.

The DJs, who play with us every opening day and honor them with their skills, reflect the core of the Viennese electronic music scene.

Our focus, as a result of all this, is centered, driven to the extreme, in the tight, intimate and familiar ambiance of a small club, with the explosive power of the Slingshot of David!