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Das WERK is an alternative arts and culture center located on the Donaukanal in Vienna. Established in August 2006, it serves as a venue for various creative initiatives, concerts, and parties.

Since spring 2013 das WERK occupies 5 of the arches of the historical Vienna metropolitan railway (Wiener Stadtbahn) at Spitelau. The center encompasses an exhibition space, concerts and parties venue, and a number of workshops/ateliers for artists. In the past several years Das WERK has provided workspace for creatives from different fields such as literature, theatre, visual art, music and many more.

Apart from hosting different artists and events, das WERK organizes the art festival Kunst am Kanal. It’s also the initiator of the award-winning international exchange project World Wide WERK. We want to share our passion for art with as many people as possible, so to make our cultural events accessible for all, they donation-based and affordable for disadvantaged groups. In addition to this, we organize/host different charity events related to social and humanitarian issues.

Our mission is to continue supporting emerging and avant-garde artists from all over the world by providing them with a platform to create and exchange ideas. We’re committed to spreading our love for art and making culture accessible!