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Loi Lay


cover_large_p1a94omvhenrr9a3rof1n5h17o83-300x129 - Loi Lay

Loi Lay is a weekly event kicking off every Sunday night at the Baan Tai Pier. The word ‘Loi Lay’ literally translates to, “floating” in English and the venue is exactly that. A giant, covered, wooden, floating platform, anchored in the sea pumping out hard-hitting Tech-house and Deep House jams until the wee hours of the morning. One of the major bonuses to this party is surprisingly the lack of seating on board, as this tends to create one of the most thumpin’ and energetic dance floors on the island. Entrance is free before 10 pm and given the central location along with their Happy hour prices, Loi Lay has become a staple party spot on the island for locals and travelers alike. (If you get there after 10 pm, don’t worry, entrance is only 350b so it won’t break the bank. They always deliver a strong international and residential lineup of DJ’s that never seem to disappoint, so if you find yourself in Koh Phangan on a Sunday night and are keen for a dance, Loi Lay is the place to be