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Café del Mar


Cafe_Del_Mar_Anniversary_essentialIbiza2016_by_Andrei_Oprescu_feature2-300x117 - Café del Mar

One of the most famous places of the island, the Café del Mar, opened in 1980 with the idea to accompany the beautiful sunsets with suitable music. The first sunset bar was born and served fine cocktails and drinks to the breathtaking view over the Mediterranean. 33 years later, Café del Mar still has cool drinks on the terrace but also an indoor area that extends beyond the bar, with cozy sitting areas where everything from sushi to pizza is served.

In recent decades, more and more other sunset bars and restaurants have opened beside the Café del Mar, such as the Mambo, Savannah, Kanya, and Mint – but the name that comes to mind first of all when you think of Ibiza sunsets is still one of the Originals, Café del Mar. Designed in 1980 by the famous Catalan architect Lluis Géell, the bar is reminiscent of a sailing yacht, with a stylish seating area and a nice bar serving a wide selection of classic drinks.