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3317859898-300x200 - Odonien

With Odonien the artist Odo Rumpf has created a unique combination of open-air studio, workshop, venue and cultural center. Located in the middle of Ehrenfeld, between the railway line and Europe’s largest Eroscenter, the area captivates with its idiosyncratic charm.

Event halls, the artist’s workshop, a giant find storage, an outdoor stage and a richly planted beer garden with bizarre metal sculptures provide an ambiance of industrial culture and improvisational art, as it is unique in Cologne.

Originally a place where artists could live and flourish, Odo Rumpf was keen to create a place of creative creation, without social boundaries and dependencies: a free state.

Today, the Free State of Odonien is a place of cultural exchange. Creative artists, artists, and socially engaged people have the opportunity here to work out their ideas and to interact with other creative thinkers. As a result, there are regularly interesting, cross-cultural and social projects that are included in the program of events in Odonien.

Odonien is accessible to everyone. In addition to artistic and social projects, the Free State is also established in the party and concert area.

The wide range of events of any kind makes Odonien a special venue. Whether art or culture, festival or flea market, rock or rave: In Odonien, commerce, art and social projects complement each other to create a balanced whole. The summery open-air cinema or festivals such as Robodonien (robot art) take place on the extensive outdoor area and now have a tradition in the Free State.