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Corvin Club


ranyito01-300x196 - Corvin Club

„Underground Above The City” is only one way to summarize what Corvin, this iconic club of Budapest’s nightlife stands for. 
Having undergone a recent revamping under a new and very dedicated management, it now boasts a 600-capacity main hall, 
a smaller bar with its own distinct musical programming, thundering Mogul Audio (a local high-end, handcrafted sound system) sound, 
and the best crowd in the city when it comes to partying to true underground electronica. 

International headliners, local heroes, concerts and cultural events are the mainstay of the programme, and there’s always something interesting happening, 
so make sure to drop by when around! And don’t forget: in the summer, nothing beats a cold drink on the roof terrace’s skybar, overlooking the heart of the city!