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13227321_1070965452942367_8904310271632970464_o-300x200 - Ruigoord

Ruigoord fits into an age-old tradition of artist colonies where art and life are integrated into a common experiment.
Ruigoord is an idealistic and idyllic place where artists work on their own oeuvre. However, it is the emphasis on joint projects that give it the character of contemporary artists’ colony. In an idiosyncratic way, mutual involvement is given and the need for exchange, shared experiences, expression and ecstasy are met.
A human primal necessity that manifests itself more strongly as the era seems more egocentric and materialistic. The green oasis in which Ruigoord is situated responds to the need of artists to be able to withdraw for a shorter or longer period from the worries of an urbanized and industrialized environment, such as has always been a reason for artists’ colonies.