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Culture funding: Fabric gets 1.5 million, others nothing

The London Club Fabric was one of 35 cultural institutions that received grants of between 1 and 3 million pounds – the Arts Council England gave a grant of 1.5 million pounds. In addition to the world-famous nightclub, 35 other cultural institutions such as Shakespeare’s Globe and the English National Ballet also received grants from the Arts Council.

“The Cultural Recreation Fund will be an important lifeline for us, especially as we expect to be unable to open for regular club events in the foreseeable future,” said Fabric in a statement.

Prior to Fabric, the electronic music scene had already received grants from Corsica Studios, Motion Bristol, Crack Magazine and Glastonbury’s Block9 as well as Resident Advisor. In contrast to those mentioned above, the London club Printworks was not successful. His application was part of the participation of “Broadwick-Live”, a large event company that also runs the London club “The Drumsheds” and “Depot Mayfield” in Manchester.

Please note that Printworks belongs to a larger group, whereas Fabric is not a small club but still independent. This might explain why Fabric was promoted and Printworks was not. This is a development, even though we would like to see all clubs saved, which is a welcome development, because in Germany especially smaller venues and collectives fall through the grid of aid packages. Of course, those who need it most must be helped first!

A number of other venues across the UK have received funding, including Fabric at £1.5 million, Bristol’s Motion at £884,796 and Manchester’s Soup Kitchen at £186,579.