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Fetish party in Berlin-Mitte shut down by the police

On Saturday a fetish party of the collective Pornceptual was dissolved in Berlin. The collective, which had organized sexpositive techno and fetish parties, wanted to have them celebrated in the Alte Münze in Berlin-Mitte.

According to RBB and the police, the organizers are now expecting proceedings for violation of the infection control regulations. The police accused the organizers of not keeping minimum distances and in some cases not wearing masks. According to Pornceptual, however, this did not correspond to the truth. Later according to Pornceptual besides still individual guests were “punished” and treated like “Freaks”.

The event at the Alte Münze, which recently also offered exile to the Berlin club Griessmühle, was an open-air event according to Pornceptual and could therefore have welcomed up to 5000 guests. The police, however, were of the opinion that a maximum of 100 guests could have been admitted. Furthermore, the organizers could not have presented a hygiene concept.

In their statement, both the Alte Münze and Pornceptual point out that the event had nothing to do with the physical character of a fetish party. And they would have followed all the rules of the new Berlin infection protection ordinance.

Here the statement:

This Saturday an open-air event took place in the courtyard of Alte Münze on 3,500sqm in compliance with the current hygiene regulations of the State of Berlin. We have not held any indoor dance events in our area since March 7th, 2020. It was criticized that the minimum social distance was not fully complied despite wearing a mask. Social distancing and wearing a mask at the same time while being outdoors is not part of the current regulations mandatory to be fulfilled. The event served as a meeting point for the community. We find it reprehensible to declare this a “fetish party.” We regret that scandalous language has been used to arouse outrage. Thus it is unfortunate that an event far away from the heteronormative society is now being used to deliberately criminalize a permitted event with half-truths in the media.

It is important for us to summarize the key facts of the event:
• general mask requirement
• outdoor / open-air (on 3,500sqm)
• no drinks or smoking on the dance floor
• disinfectant dispenser for all guests
• cashless payment
• seating groups for up to 5 people without a mask
• 9 people controlling hygiene standard + 7 people admission / security staff + 2 people cleaning staff
• temperature measurement at the entrance
• beverage area away from the dance floor
• recording of digital contact details including the visiting time of all guests
• online presale ticketing only

The current COVID-19 regulations stated by the government allow outdoor events with up to 5,000 people.

At last, we would like to mention that in times like these it is a matter of morality for society as a whole to discuss whether events in this form can currently take place. We are open to this discussion. Nevertheless, this event was meant to be the last open-air gathering of this community for an indefinite period of time.

It was always our top priority while planning to be compliant with the current guidelines to contain the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Thanks to our supporters.
Your Alte Münze team