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A petition demands 1 cent per stream

The user “For the People” has started a petition in which they demand higher streaming compensation from Spotify.

“Here we are, begging for 1¢ PER PLAY from a multibillionaire CEO. WE DESERVE JUSTICE!

Streaming Provider$/1’000’000 play
Apple Music7’000

The CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek said in an interview, “You can’t record every three to four years and think that’s going to be enough.” 

In response to that, we would like to point out that making more records is impossible given the current economics of major streaming services. Spotify, the leading service, with a 35% global share in 2019, is ‘setting the standard’ at $0.004/ stream. That is ONE THIRD (1/3) of what Tidal offers and nearly half of the Apple Music payout.

Everyone would like to release an album more than every three to four years, but the costs of such a project are exuberant!

A musician spends on average $5,000 to produce and promote a song properly. In the very ideal scenario of 1 million streams at $0.004/ stream, artists would not even BREAK-EVEN.