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How Deezer pays artists more fairly

Today the music streaming industry distributes royalties based on a market share model. Put simply, all streams on a streaming platform are added together and artists are paid in proportion to how much their streams make up of this combined total. This means that popular artists and genres will benefit over smaller local and niche acts. Smaller artists and more niche or local genres receive less than their fair share of the money, which means that many fans do not directly support the various artists and genres they actually stream.

Once you have logged into your user account on Deezer, you can now access our simulator where you can see your top five artists and see exactly how much of your paid Deezer subscription goes to the artists you actually stream today. The simulator also shows what would happen if there were a user-centric payment system in the future. You can compare the results and share them on social media.

Here are just some of the benefits of switching to a user-centric payment model from Deezer:

  1. A fairer system for a wide range of different local and international artists and genres
  2. Correct distortions such as age or listening habits (i.e. young users also tend to skip more, leading to further distortions)
  3. Helping to combat streaming fraud and bot activities