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SoundCloud DJ: Subscription model with offline access presented

The new subscription model SoundCloud DJ was introduced and is available now. The streaming platform thus takes a further step in integrating its catalog into the everyday life of a DJ. With the subscription, users can also access numerous tracks offline.

Since 2018, SoundCloud has been trying to link more and more DJ software with its platform and enable direct streaming of its own catalog. With SoundCloud DJ comes a new subscription that gives you offline access to over 200 million tracks. After the own mastering service this is now the next big announcement of the last months.

All tracks can be saved with the new feature and played on some selected DJ apps. Up to now, only Virtual DJ has been included, whereas the streaming platform has already announced that Denon DJ and Cross DJ will follow shortly. Additionally SoundCloud announces more DJ tools. “As DJs are one of the largest and most foundational communities on SoundCloud, we’re dedicated to providing you with the resources and tools you need to create, share and keep leveling up your craft. This year, we launched in-app track data so you can identify music by key and tempo,” says the SoundCloud announcement. This service is currently available for Virtual DJ and Algoriddim, but other providers are expected to follow shortly.

The new subscription model SoundCloud DJ is now available for 19.99 Euro per month. In addition, there is also a 30-day free trial subscription to get an idea of the new feature. You can find all information here.