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Peggy Gou Pledged a donation to her business partners club on behalf of Jägermeister

The already controversial sub-club fundraising campaign #SaveOurSub almost seems to have been involved in a separate ethical decay. Last month, Peggy Gou, on behalf of Jägermeister’s #SaveOurNights initiative, pledged a now-canceled donation to the campaign, despite the fact that her close business partner Usman Khushi is a director of the Glasgow company’s parent company.
Public contributions and business records collected by the anonymous regulatory body for the electronic music industry, Business Teshno, indicate a conflict of interest between the parties mentioned above. On June 10, Gou announced its participation in #SaveOurNights, where Jägermeister would donate 1 million euros to music brands that were excluded from COVID-19. On July 7th – the same day that #SaveOurSub was launched – she announced that Sub Club would be one of the recipients.

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I’m honoured to be partnering with @jagermeister to donate 1 Million Euro to carefully selected venues, events, artists, promoters, and initiatives in 10 countries around the world as part of the #SAVETHENIGHT initiative. It’s time for me to give back and #SAVETHENIGHT will offer much needed support to the struggling nightlife industry, which has been hit very hard by the pandemic. If we can come together as a community and get through this difficult time, I’m sure our best nights are yet to come. 예거마스터와 코로나로 인해 무너지고있는 클럽씬, 음악 인더스트리를 위해 15억원을 기부하는 캠페인을 시작하게 되었습니다. 한국을포함한 10개국의 클럽베뉴, 프로모터, 아티스트들을 도와줄 예정이며 제가 느끼고있던 감사함을 음악씬에 돌려줄수있게되어 영광입니다. 곧 업뎃해드릴게요! 📷 @mokjungwook

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Peggy Gou 페기 구 (@peggygou_) am

Gou’s professional relationship with Khushi has challenged the motives for such a donation. In addition to his role as one of three directors of the sub-club parent company Outer Limits Ltd., he is the sole director of Gou’s merchandise business, Peggy Goods Ltd.

According to Business Teshno, spokespersons on behalf of Jägermeister stated that they no longer consider #SaveOurSub as a recipient because “a donation to a club with business relations to people involved in the initiative would create false impressions and harm the cause for which it is intended”.

The revelation comes just days after The Ferret published an exposé showing that the parents of another sub-club director, Barry Price, had themselves sold the adjacent property to JD Wetherspoon. The developer’s legal battle with the club was listed in the description of the #SaveOurSub campaign as one of the costs threatening the future of the company.

Speakers on behalf of Peggy Gou, Usman Khushi and Jägermeister did not immediately respond to Selector’s request for comment.