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Currently, many artist statements are circulating on the net, accusing the respective governments of not being sufficiently committed to the art and music scene. The common consensus is that people urgently need help and feel abandoned. The US-American DJ and producer Dennis Ferrer has now also spoken out on the current situation in the music industry and has strung self-critical strings in a way we are seldom used to from artists.

In an Instagram post he asks the question: “Why is our industry not getting any help?

And Ferrer provides the answer: One is no longer appreciated enough. This is “our own fault”, however, because the music scene has developed into a gray mediocrity. Artists give up their musical passion to become influencers, the 50-year-old complains. Quantity instead of quality is now the focus. “The public is bored by our mediocre music. There are so many releases that just make you shake your head and you forget about them immediately after the first listening. Mediocre music. Mediocre mixing and mastering. Mediocre songwriting,” complains Ferrer.

The lower the quality, the fewer visitors in the clubs. The lower the number of visitors, the less money for artists and clubs, he summarizes.

“Our activity is no longer seen as something special and essential,” he warns and asks: “If it costs almost nothing to buy a work of art, is the art itself worth nothing? So why should the government help us?”