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Facebook: Tightened guidelines for DJ live streams

From October 1, Facebook is tightening its guidelines for videos and live streams. This means the temporary end for DJ livestreams.

Just in April, Facebook announced new features for live videos, including a payment option for monetizing livestreams. The US company had justified this with an increased demand for livestreams. Now it seems to be taking a step backwards again, at least for DJs. According to the new Facebook guidelines, which will come into force on October 1, the following will be the case:

“You may not post videos [or live streams] on our product pages to create a music listening experience.”

Facebook terms

The Group explicitly points out that its upload or live function for videos is mainly intended for family exchange and for the circle of friends. Anyone who disregards this, will face harsh consequences: Facbook reserves the right to delete not only the video in question, but also the corresponding profile of the person or group, if necessary.

Even if the rights to the music played are not available, a video can be deleted. Facebook expressly points out that in addition, for commercial music use the corresponding license must be available – although “music listening experiences”, such as DJ live streams, are completely prohibited in the same guidelines. This may be due to the fact that the new ban does not seem to apply to major artists and well-known labels. As the online magazine Digital DJ Tips suspects, there are secret deals behind it, which Facebook makes with the industry giants.

How strictly the platform applies the new guidelines will become clear in October.