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PREMIERE: BB Deng – Don’t Believe (Original Mix) [Elektrotribe]


What is RAVE in 2020?
RAVE redifines the sound of the underground techno scene through a new VA including 15 exclusive tracks produced during the lockdown. in stores the 27.07.20

Elektrotribe Records presents RAVE, defining the global understanding of underground techno and rave culture.
The 2020 vision of techno is a fast and exciting wave that many artists are riding, taking elements of the past and the future of music resulting in powerful productions. The 15-tracks compilation features some of the label’s beloved artists and collaborators alongside radical newcomers from all around the globe. Feast your ears on the likes of Heretix, Random Sequence, DRT, Moog Conspiracy, BB Deng, Georg Bigalke, Juan Trujillo, Ayako Mori, Aida Minibaeva, ANTGT, Daniel Heinrich, Riddika, Marboc, UNDFND, PRML and CoqMan who have all contributed to the sound of rave in these uncertain and delicate times.

Tracklist :
1. Heretix – The Floor (Original Mix)
2. Random Sequence – S.P.A.C.E. (Original Mix)
3. DRT-Dinasty (Original Mix)
4. Moog Conspiracy – Embdrk (Original Mix)
5. BB Deng – Don’t Believe (Original Mix)
6. Georg Bigalke – Emocore (Original Mix)
7. Ayako Mori – Naechste Tag (Original Mix)
8. Aida Minibaeva – Impatience (Original Mix)
9. ANTGT – Line Of Sight (Original Mix)
10. Juan Trujillo – Concientik (Original Mix)
11. Daniel Heinrich – Empire of Rage (Original Mix)
12. Riddika – Zarin (Original Mix)
13. Marboc – Precipitate (Original Mix)
14. UNDFND, PRML – Face-Off (Original Mix)
15. CoqMan – Battle For Jericho (Original Mix)

Preorder : 13.07.20
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Release Date : 27.07.20

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