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The Tomorrowland Rip off

Just imagine… 
a dazzling new Tomorrowland location has been crafted over the past few months. It is a place far away from anyone, a place that you would normally never be able to visit… However, this magical place is set to open its door to pioneers from all corners of the globe, for just one weekend only…

Or just imagine a big company just wants to rip off you with something which is normally for free! 

What the hell is wrong with Tomorrowland? A live stream for 200$ ????

tickets-tomorrowland-801x1024 - The Tomorrowland Rip off

Yes, of course, there are tickets starting at 10$. 

But please go to youtube and watch your streams for free! 

Cercle, Boiler Room, United We Stream or also the Set of the Day Streams on Facebook!