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Interview with Klanglos

How are you currently dealing with the Corona crisis?
It’s a difficult situation for everyone involved and also for me as a self-employed person a challenge that has to be mastered now, because without clubs and festivals there is no income. I now spend most of my time in the studio and at home, taking care of things I didn’t have much time for before. In the hope that this chaos will soon come to an end.

On April 13th you released your new album “The Breakdown” on your label “Error Records”. You have already reached #25 in the German iTunes album charts, #5 in the dance charts and #24 in the Beatport Techno release charts. How has the crisis affected the sound and the promotion period?
The sound and the complete album were already finished before the crisis. But the sound and the content fit like a glove to the current situation. The promotion period went very well, probably also because so many people are at home at the moment and have more time to listen to music. All in all the release date was more than fitting.

Tell us something about this album. What makes you proud of it when you listen to it now?
From the very beginning, I put a lot of emphasis on diversity, and I am very proud of that because on this album I was able to develop myself 100%. This is also reflected in the tracks, which are calmer and more melodic in the beginning and get harder towards the end. There is also a good mixture of classical instruments, acid and vocals.

What was your absolute favorite gig or your best memory so far?
This was definitely my gig at Nature One 2019 at Century Circus. An indescribable moment with so much energy and emotions.

What is your personal favorite track that you have produced?
This is clearly my unofficial remix of Florence + The Maschine – What the Water Gave Me, because it has already given me goose bumps at gigs.

What is your current favorite track from a fellow DJ?
MartinStuff – Faden! Current favorite! Coming soon on my label Error Records.

What is something that bothers you about the DJ scene?
The objectivity! Quite good to see with DJ’s who get attention not by their music but by their looks. So many of them, who really can do something, get into the background.

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