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The KitKat Club must close

Clubs have been dying in Berlin for years. Partygoers who like to dress freely and celebrate at the fetish parties in the KitKat must now arm themselves: The KitKat and the SageClub, which share the premises in a building in Berlin, are threatened with extinction. Both clubs have been cancelled. The managing director of the club commission, Lukas Drevenstedt, told the “Berliner Zeitung”.

Accordingly, the two clubs are to leave the building in June 2020. However, Drevenstedt said that it was not yet clear what would happen to the area afterwards. Despite the dismissal, there is still hope that they will come together.

KitKat and SageClub are among the most sought-after nightlife institutions in Berlin. Especially the KitKat is known for the revealing outfits of its party guests – and for the fetish parties that take place there regularly. The fact that the two legendary discos have to make way for each other has already caused displeasure on the Internet.