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BOCK & FUCHS – Signal (Suspensus Remix) [Mirror Records]

Release Title: Signal (Suspensus Remix) Artist: BOCK & FUCHS Remixer: Suspensus Label: Mirror Records Catalogue No.: MIRROR001 Release-Date: 25.10.2019 (Beatport) and 4.11.2019 (All Stores) It’s time for Mirror Records – 2019 marks the year of the record label’s birth! It’s been in the making for many, many months and we’re very proud to finally share the very first EP with you!We are extremely happy to announce Bock & Fuchs as our very first artist on Mirror Records. Of course, it’s not a coincidence that this outstanding electronic live act features our premiere. We discovered Bock & Fuchs a year ago, almost exactly at the time when the idea of Mirror Records came up. And we immediately fell in love with his unique take on electronic music. With drifty grooves, crisp live drums and massive synths, Bock & Fuchs played himself into our hearts and we instantly knew he would be the perfect match for us.Monsterfox is the name of the title track and like the prey on it’s flight from the name-giving predator, the lead synth shows a small glimpse now and then until it finally breaks free when the drop kicks in and the wild hunt truly starts! Monsterfox was already the perfect track for every situation but then Bock & Fuchs sent us Signal and we were completely blown away. Signal futures an outer-worldly lead synth, a heavy bass line and catchy percussions all over a stomping kick – perfect for those peak-time moments we all seek and love! To top off the EP, the third and final track called Ka Nalu Nui was the perfect complement. Ka Nalu Nui, hawaiian for the great wave, truly lives up to its name: Catchy sound bites play around a dreamy synth and a heavy bass kicks in from time to time, slowly building up, until it finally breaks like the waves on the shore. Rafael Cerato is our first remixer. We were following his work for a long time and it is a big honor to have him on board for this first release. He took on Monsterfox, making it a little more straight forward and heavier. Granting it a technoid touch that suits both, the track and the label, very well. On the other hand, Suspensus rebuild Signal to an even harder track. The rising talent added a raw and driving touch to the track, while speeding it up and therefore adding the last missing pieces to complete our first release.

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BOCK & FUCHS (Berlin / Germany)

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