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Interview with BB Deng

About a month ago we became aware of BB Deng and asked her to record a podcast for us. At the latest after her new release we were completely enthusiastic about her music. We were in contact with her since the podcast and were fascinated by her motivation and love for techno music.

On August 16th the booking of the studio club in bern was prevented at short notice. BB Deng was ready to step in 24 hours before the event.

BB Deng music fascinated us even more in live! After the studio club we went to a berner underground rave in a building, which will be demolished on monday.

It’s no dare to say that it’s probably by far the best booking ever played on such a underground rave in Bern!

Now BB Deng gives us an interview.

Hello BB, how are you?

BB: Hey, I am good 🙂

You were with us for the first time in Switzerland. How did you like it?

It was a very spontaneous 2 days round trip, I was pretty excited to play at these 2 parties and do a bit of sightseeing, also to learn more about the Electronic music scene in Switzerland and to introduce myself to the audiences there. I had a great time and for sure next time I will stay a bit longer to see more!  

Your latest release is Double Trouble with Simina Grigoriu. How did it happen?


Me & Simina are really good friends and we always wanted to have our production together, so one day I brought a track I did to her for a listen, then from there she put some of her ideas in it and we cooked together to become this new version now you are listening to, later on we invited Albird and Alberto Ruiz to remix for us so this EP was born.


After Double Trouble, can we expect another release soon?


Yes, I am releasing a new original track name “One time is all you need” on October 7th under Miami label “Black Kat”, it is in the compilation of 2019 ADE (Amsterdam dance event).


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