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New York Club Suggestions by Unseen.

Knockdown Center

knockdown-center-300x169 - New York Club Suggestions by Unseen.

Absolutely insane place in the middle of nowhere in Brooklyn. Its housed in a glass-manufacturing plant built in 1903, and currently operates as an adventurous multimedia art space. You’ll find exploratory music and performance art of all stripes here.

The basement is like a Berlin club – dark foggy and cavern feel. Outside area is nice for cooling down. The space is super artistic and there’s often cool lights or exhibits around.

In the district full of warehouses, this place blast loud music all night long and the bass is like no other.

Brooklyn Mirage

brooklyn-mirage-300x188 - New York Club Suggestions by Unseen.

It doesn’t get better than this – Its large, it’s loud, and hosts indoor and outdoor events!! An impressive venue located within the industrial area of East Williamsburg…if this is the closest thing NYC has for a massive European style warehouse venue (take Warehouse Elementenstraat in Amsterdam or Factory 010 in Rotterdam, Netherlands) for techno or electronic music this could be it. This place has a solid sound system that punches out the bass. 


scott-300x158 - New York Club Suggestions by Unseen.

Great underground vibes with courteous operations & modern amenities in this building. The back patio is an absolute vibe and a great place to talk with friends in between the music. It’s the place to go for all the late night/early mornings afterhours parties.


analog-300x164 - New York Club Suggestions by Unseen.

Location, venue, soundsystem, staff, owner, soundsystem, lighting, soundsystem are all above and beyond what a proper club should be these days, making this place a go to spot is common sense… yea, we said soundsystem 3 times, it’s that good.

No but seriously, it has a really good sound system and impressive visuals, especially the lighting on the ceiling.

When you get there its kind of feels like you are in the middle of nowhere, but you can hear the bass pounding from outside, so just follow the music and you will be better than okay.


 elsewhere-300x200 - New York Club Suggestions by Unseen.

Right in between East Williamsburg and Bushwick, Elsewhere is a venue that screams hipster Brooklyn right when you enter.

There’s really nothing better in this size/capacity bracket. Sound is pretty good, layout is spacious, and there are several areas to sit down comfortably when you need to take a break. The upstairs bar area and outdoor smoking zone are both much more inviting than most other venues’ equivalent chill zones. 

Elsewhere does a nice job of straddling that difficult line between nightclub and rock venue. It’s a great place to enjoy live music, dance, techno, in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. The crowd was comfortable, a nice mix of young executives, artists, hipsters drinking, dancing, talking in a safe and vibrant drama-free place. The bathrooms are unisex, so be open-minded and respectful. There are three floors, with a loft and rooftop lounge.