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Interview with Unseen.

Hi! First, many thanks for the podcast! You two are from New York, already played a lot in Europe. What’s special about New York Techno?

The NYC party scene is forever changing, old clubs and venues are closing while new spots emerge – it’s a consistent circle. 

When it comes to NYC techno scene, it has gravitated to Brooklyn, and that’s where you will find all the underground lovers.


Recently you released the Persona EP on Jaw Dropping Records. How did the cooperation with our Cologne friends start?

We landed on Jannowitz and Jaw Dropping Records while listening to sets on Soundcloud, we admired their sound so much that we had to reach out. Since then our cooperation with cologne friends started as we began sending out demos to the Jannowitz family. Before we knew it, we were talking with the owners everyday upon signing an EP and a single to their labels.

What was your absolute favorite Gig until now?

Our favorite gig is from Cielo right before it closed down, it’s a small intimate space that’s known for its sound system. Not far off from this has to be one of the many afterhours locations where we play 5+ hours extended sets.

New York Club Suggestions by Unseen.