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Vibez-Festival Fyre Festival 2.0?

The Emirates airline reaffirms its lack of partnership with the Vibez Festival. The lawyers of the airline are instructed to take legal action.

After the “Bieler Tagblatt” uncovered last week that there is no partnership between Emirates and the Vibez Festival, the airline is now tightening its tone: on Wednesday morning, it sent out an official press release requiring its lawyers to take legal action against the Vibez to do. The lawyers had already asked the Vibez organizers on 22 May in a statement of omission “to remove all logos and mentions of Emirates from all marketing materials and communication channels,” it says in the message. Vibez has not done so until now. Emirates has, according to the announcement, “instructed its lawyers to take appropriate legal action”.

Contentwise, the airline has already announced last week so. New is not only the tightened tone but that the message now not only by mail on request but as highly official media release of Emirates. It is marked with the airline logo and was written in Dubai on May 29th.

On Wednesday morning, the Emirates logo continued to be featured on the Vibez website. An opinion of the festival organizers is still pending. Last week, Vibez-maker Daniel Meili had argued that the agreement with Emirates had just been concluded not directly with the media department, but directly with the management. Yesterday Tuesday, the Vibez press office announced that they were preparing a communication “together with our partner”. It would also take into account “information from abroad that we are currently awaiting”.

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