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Police raid on the Club Mensch Meier

They stormed the club, forced the staff to the ground, handcuffed them, and threatened them with firearms. Employees and visitors of the “Mensch Meier” club in Prenzlauer Berg describe a police and customs operation in Prenzlauer Berg on Saturday. In addition, the customs and police officers have not revealed to have acted in civilian as “attacking Nazis,” the operators report. Office doors were broken and damaged. Among these were also rooms that are not part of the club.

The crackdown on civil servants in the raid is now affecting police, MPs and the Club Commission. The raid has a political sequel. On Monday, the incident was a topic in the Interior Committee, Police Commissioner Barbara Slowik promised to clarify the incident internally. Because there are a number of contradictory statements.

The police raid on the Mensch Meier from the point of view of the Berlin police

The police describe this mission very differently. Accordingly, a hundred police and a mobile Einsatzkommando supported a deployment of the Main Customs Office Berlin. The department of financial control illicit work had received an anonymous reference to illegal employment in the Club Mensch Meier on Storkower Street.

56275934_825905684457240_2094924634255261696_o-212x300 - Police raid on the Club Mensch Meier

The police leadership contradicts the description of the club operators, the police had not revealed themselves. Police chief Barbara Slowik told the Interior Committee Monday that the uniformed officers had knocked and shouted several times, “Open the door! Police! “According to Slovik, the police not only wore uniforms, but also had reflective signs bearing the inscription Police.

And did police direct their firearms at the people in the club? “I can not rule out the fact that colleagues held weapons in determined security, because of the high risk,” said Slowik. The police confirmed that two officers had their weapons in their hands with their muzzles facing downwards, for their own security.

Berlin Club Commission calls for rapid clarification of the police raid

For the left, the incident is not yet cleared up. “It is statement against statement,” says Niklas Schrader, domestic spokesman for the Left Group. “This hard work against the entire event has to be worked up. The police had used “disproportionate force”. It would have been better if she had stayed with her de-escalation strategy.

The Club Commission, a network of Berlin club culture, is now calling for rapid education. “If it should have been as the operators of the human Meier describe it, then I am speechless,” says the chairman of the Club Commission, Pamela Schobeß. In the 90s massive raids in clubs were still common. “But at the present time, such police operations are quite unusual and frightening. This action is out of the ordinary, “says Pamela Schobeß. Club operators are now checking the legality of the operation and will appeal if necessary.

From the point of view of customs, there is nothing to complain about in humanity Meier. From a “lawful service” speaks Michael Kulus, spokesman for the Main Customs Office Berlin. The recorded data of the persons are now evaluated. A result is not yet available.