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Streaming with TIDAL and SoundCloud in Serato DJ

tidal-soundcloud-stream-on-serato-300x150 - Streaming with TIDAL and SoundCloud in Serato DJ

From the latest update of Serato (Serato DJ Pro 2.1 & Serato DJ Lite 1.1) the company releases a completely new feature.

It is only possible to play with streamed tracks from the platforms TIDAL and Soundcloud.

According to Serato, the tracks will be quite normal (as if they were locally available) and all the playlists of the linked Soundcloud and/or TIDAL account will be available to you.

Soundcloud is but a streaming platform, in which each registered user can freely upload his tracks without questioning whether he has the necessary copyright. That’s why it’s only possible with Soundcloud GO.

Serato also allows a free trial of 2 streaming providers of 30 days.

Will this revolutionize the DJ?

One thing is clear, for wedding and hobby DJ’s it’s definitely a cheap and cutting alternative.

Are you considering using Serato streamed tracks?

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