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Interview with Diatonik

Hi, Animesh thank you for your time.

How was ADE 2018?

Ade’19 was a fabulous experience and I feel very proud to have hosted my own showcase party there. I had the opportunity to meet fans, artists and industry folks from all around the world. A trip to ADE always opens up new doors of possibilities to grow and expand globally. I can’t wait to come back next year!

I just heard you newest release with Maksim Dark. What’s your favorite track?

Definitely “Dub-Space”! I loved the result which was heavy, driving with a futuristic vibe. I have always loved Maksim’s style of production and want to thank him and Jannowitz records for giving me this opportunity. This release is an absolute stomper!


Are there more remixes from this 2 tracks or is it all?

Yes. The UK based Transcode made a stellar remix of Dub-Space with his signature style which I love! We also have Berlin based 


The Reason Y remix the second track called Menacing Rise.

But the track on Beatport.

Which track is at the moment your favorite?

Artbat – Papillon

Which headphones do you use?

The good old’ Technics RP 1210

Which is your favorite podcast series at the moment?

Set of the Day and Jannopod by Jannowitz records.

When do you started producing techno and why you get into this genre?

I started 10 years ago. It all started as few of my friends wanted to organize a private underground gig. I had been listening to techno and collecting a lot of music through various p2p apps on the internet for a long time and I pounced on the opportunity to play at our private parties. I learned everything by myself and the parties slowly grew and we started booking international DJ’s and I finally ended up starting a booking agency that helped me connect with artists around the globe which immensely helped my DJ career. As I started touring, I realized the importance of releasing music and soon started learning and producing on Ableton. I have been blessed with friends who are very talented producers themselves who were always happy to share their tricks with me which helped me a lot to achieve my sound.