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International Club Suggestions by Diatonik

Sisyphos – Berlin, Germany

Sisyphos-300x226 - International Club Suggestions by Diatonik

The Sisyphos is a techno club in Berlin-Rummelsburg.

It is operated in a former factory for dog biscuits and counts according to the magazine Resident Advisor to the ten most important clubs of Berlin in the range of the electronic dance music.

Dc10 – Ibiza, Spain

dc10-circoloco-300x200 - International Club Suggestions by Diatonik

The DC10 has achieved a unique fame over the years and offers a truly unique party experience in the island’s clubbing scene. When it was opened in 1999, it was an uncompromisingly hedonistic dance shed that was completely under the radar of the Ibiza scene – and that’s all true today!

Unlike the other clubs, the DC10 still does little or little advertising for its parties. The clubbers who come know, and they all come for one reason: the music. The club owes its longevity and continued success to the fact that it is always serving solid, first-class underground. The ultimate Ibiza experience was simply not made if you did not spend an afternoon dancing in the club’s famous garden.

Arcan – Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh

45742635_500159757170314_5887975137147355136_o-300x200 - International Club Suggestions by Diatonik

ARCAN is an underground entertainment venue, designed and operated by Goss & Flo and their crew through their company Asian Rave Connection Ltd. 

Created on June 2017, ARC Ltd aims at creating various businesses to promote underground technoculture and other subcultural music genders such as Psy-Trance, Techno or Drum & Bass.

Womb – Tokyo, Japan

womb-tokyo-nightlife-2-300x156 - International Club Suggestions by Diatonik

Womb is a Japanese techno club in the Maruyama district west of Shibuya in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. The club opened in 2000 and can seat about 1000 people. In addition to internationally known DJs of electronic dance music, performers of the Japanese techno scene are more frequent.

Re:fresh – Goa, India

46148790_1971771079574380_7731379017600729088_o-300x200 - International Club Suggestions by Diatonik

A big open-air venue near the beach of Goa. It has a big capacity and a gathering of underground music lovers every weekend.

Its hosts a lot of tourists especially Russians and parties that go on till wee hours. A lot of magical vibes.