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Interview with Lars Kohl aka BOHO

Hello Lars, you are the founder of Jannowitz Records and Boho, when did you start it all?

Hey Hey, so we’ve been setting up Jaw Records since 2014 and are currently rocking the label with monthly releases.

Boho has been around since June 2017. The project started in Ibiza, together with my old partner Matthias, we played in Iibiza a niceopen-airr and at legendary “Ibiza Global Radio”…

That was the starting signal and the throw in the cold water …

But since the beginning of June 2018 we go our separate ways and I do my own thing since I had founded BOHO as a kind of label project anyway, I put my heart and soul into it & it continues to be continued with a lot of passion and power. Because I almost see myself as a Jedi Knight of techno and just want to make people happy with music, because there is actually almost nothing hotter than to rock together a party with a magical crowd and share these beautiful emotions.

As you have already published on Facebook, you are starting a new label. What expected and there?

Haha yes, Facebook knows everything … we do not want to reveal quite so much about the little sister of Jannowitz.

But for you, there are a few exclusive info 😉

The sublabel will be called “Jaw Dropping Records“.

The name is “Jaw Dropping” like jaw-dropping as my girlfriend, Rahel Haas (Rachel Raw) who will actually manage the label predominantly. I only play a smaller part in this new project because I just like to give some responsibility and I also like being inspired by the female side. That’s why we’re heading for a whole new direction of the sound and of course, want to deliver a variety of sexy sounds to people at Jaw Dropping as well.

That’s why we decided to actually release a mix of Disco, Funky House, Vocal and Electro Pop. It is important to focus heavily on Jannowitz and to increasingly select tracks with cool vocals and very unusual styles. “The goal of the whole thing is to promote new unique talent and create a new perspective in the industry,” Rahel said. And there I am fully behind her!


Is Jannowitz Records going back a bit now?

Returning or stagnating is never a solution in my life … Rather even more “Go up”, we have just this year perfectly with Jannowitz found in the sound that fits our attitude and I represent both as BOHO and as a label boss 100% and play. It’s a constant growth and collaborative development of new releases, sometimes there are things you can not stop. Also, as said above, my adorable lady: Rahel Haas will take over the boss part of Jaw Dropping. This will allow me to continue putting my full focus on Jannowitz & BOHO.


What was your absolute favorite Gig until now?

Wow, my favorite Gig was in Goa “Waters Beach” in India! It was so crazy, everybody was just waiting for “The Crazy German Dj” to hang up … because 2 weeks before Boris Brejcha had hung up and brought a drive that German DJ’s have a very different standing there. I came to the desk and there was this huge amount of people that were made by the organizers so hot… It was 85% humidity and 40 degrees. But in the end, I think the crowd was even hotter! It was so intense because the location was so sexy. Behind me, a cliff that went down 10 meters and the night where I played was even Full Moon. My set became so crazy that I actually switched between my sound and performed a mix of Minimal, Progressive and off and on a disco track like “I feel Love by Donna Summer”. The people celebrated it and I had so much fun in person as well.