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Interview with Marcus Meya

On which DJ equipment do you swear?

I’ve been playing my sets exclusively with vinyl for almost 18 years now. In that sense, I still swear on sensible turntables.

The Technics SL 1210 MK 2 are probably the most famous and usually still the ones who are in the club (or at least their direct successors). However, I have the white Reloop RP-6000 MK6 at home and am very satisfied with it. Besides, they look better.

The mixes are known to divide the spirits. I am clearly one of those who finds the Pioneer Mixer better. Not necessarily the sound, but clearly the feeling, so the feel, to mix.

What has been your favorite gig so far?

There are so many that I think back to that could all be my favorite gigs. But there must be a set from the former RAW, a set from the “Ritter Butzke” and one from the Suicide Circus share the first place.

I played the set from the RAW in 2013. Maybe it was not necessarily my cleanest set, but at least one of the most energetic ones. I played from 4.00-6.00 clock, so Meantime and alone that was all right, but on that day the audience seemed to want to disgust so much that I let myself be infected and also freaked out.

There was also a set in the “Ritter Butzke”, then on a Thursday at the Donnersducks. I played the end and unfortunately, the two of me were not really in a good mood. In any case, it quickly became apparent that the audience was soaking up all the tracks I played and just wanted to dance. Unfortunately, we had to stop at 7.00.

The set I played at Suicide Circus started at 2:30. I was only supposed to play until 6 o’clock in the morning and from 5.30 on it was a bit more laid-back so people switched to the outdoor area, but somehow people liked it so much that the floor just did not get emptier; on the contrary. I played until about 7.00 am and had to close a completely full floor. The last 30 minutes I played with complete lighting, that was cool.

There were also some sets from other clubs and/or with real stars of the scene, like Westbam in the old “Maria am Ufer” in 2009 or in the vault, which also all stay in memory, but when it comes to the music and the Feel free, the above are my favorite gigs.

What’s your current favorite track?

In the meantime, under this name, I play exclusively Techno and Techhouse under a different pseudonym. At Techno I would probably say that  “Charlotte de Witte – Sehnsucht” at Turbo ist because the drop is just going forward, closely followed by Umek’s Asiiid on 1605 and Mikael Jonasson’s Brytrejv on Wall Music.