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Berlin Club Suggestion by Marcus Meya

Suicide Circus

Suicide Circus is a small institution in Berlin. The club or the operators and the idea have been around since the 90’s in Berlin. I was in my early days very often as a guest in the casino (first on the Saarbrücker road and later in the mill road, right next to the Ostgut) and the Suicide is a sort of successor to the old casino. That’s also why I like this club. For now, 9 years the club is located at the “Warschauer Brücke”. He has an additional outdoor area in summer, which is really pleasant on hot days. The genre is mostly techno, that’s why I feel well cared for here. The system is, in my opinion, the best on which I was allowed to play in a club in the last 5 years with vinyl. The interior floor is not too big and not too small, which always creates a good mood. The lighting conditions are also great. All in all one of the clubs that I like to visit again and again because everything fits in somehow.


Ritter Butzke

The “Ritter Butzke” is located in Kreuzberg in the “Ritterstrasse” and has also been a club of the city for a long time. I have not played here as often as Suicide Circus, but I think the club is really good. There are quite a few floors here, which is a huge advantage for events that are not just a track, which is good if you go away with several people who have a different musical taste. The music here is a bit less techno, which does not mean that there are no real techno parties here. The complex is really lush on almost all floors. However, some parties are quite crowded here, so celebrating can sometimes be quite tight.


Birgit & Bier

The youngest club in the series. All in all a mixture of club, beer garden and open-air area unusual for Berlin conditions, the club definitely belongs to those, which one should have visited in Berlin times. It is this mixture that makes the club so fresh.