8 easy tips to increase your Soundcloud followers


Introduction and Calculation

Soundcloud, like other social media platforms, is designed to prefer the big profiles.

The whole thing is actually quite simple.

If someone has more followers, they can automatically faster go viral.

For a short example, we asked two friends for giving their statistics anonymous to us.

The big Account:
It hat 17’344 followers. And if we calculate all followers, of the followers from the big account, we got 4’341’583 followers.
If all followers would repost the track (and nobody else) we can maximal reach 4’341’583 followers.

The small Account:
The small account has 436 followers.
And if we calculate all followers, of the followers from the small account, we got 109’950 followers.

436, are 2.51% from 17’344.

If there are all the same kind of followers, then the chance that somebody reposts a podcast from the big account is 50 times bigger.

This calculation only works if there is the same kind of music, same localization. 

In a nutshell, we can say, the big account should have 50 times more Repost.

Conclusion: All beginnings are difficult.

1. Release your sets as podcasts on other labels

The advantage is that you already have at least one Repost. Podcast series often have a larger contingent and grow thereby faster.

As a DJ you can not publish a new set every week.

2. Use gates

A gate is just like a paid service on your podcast. The user may download it, but he has to follow you and repost the set.
At https://theartistunion.com or https://hypeddit.com you can easily set a gate to your sets. It is not enough for a download,
because “Sharing is caring”.

3. Do not buy followers

Purchased successors only bring trouble. Since followers are public on Soundcloud, all people can also watch it. A lot of podcasts you can also buy at different labels. This is how it is. As a label and as a DJ you know quite a lot of these platforms. DJ’s who buy a podcast, can get a bad image in the techno community.

4. Look and feel

Important in a podcast is the “look and feel”. Choose a good name for your sets and get a structure in your artist page. You should also choose a suitable picture and a description.

5. genre and tags

The genre is very important, Soundcloud can better recognize your music. Soundcloud can suggest with tags and genres your music to other people.
The genre will be added automatically as a tag.

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